Hervey Bay Commercial

Hervey Bay Commercial

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August 2016


Commercial Solar, Solar Panels


I’ve fielded a lot of inquiries lately from small business owners asking about how much value solar can bring to their business. These conversations are a lot more straightforward than ones I have with homeowners, as small businesses tend to use their electricity between 9am and 5pm. This means that if they invest in solar, they’ll see a much higher rate of return than homeowners who tend to use their electricity when the sun goes down.


On a?recently completed a 15KW install at Hervey Bay using the new Sunmodule Bisun panels, we have noticed through the?monitoring of this site that the output?has been outperforming other monitored 15KW systems by a fair percentage.


The new Sunmodule Bisun delivers high yields all-round. It is a solar module active on both sides that converts light from all directions into electrical energy. This ensures up to 25 % more yield per installed kWp. Thanks to the use of the newest glass technologies, it also has a particularly long lifespan and high mechanical durability.


The duo cells used in this module contribute to power generation through their active rear side. The double-sided light utilization, the so-called bifaciality, is based on the further development of PERC cell technology, which we deploy in serial production for more than 2 years. The Sunmodule Bisun also has an exceptionally long lifespan through the use of glass on the front and rear sides of the module. This glassglass technology also ensures high mechanical durability and improved degradation behavior.


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